Dear citizens of Culemborg!

Thanks for the nice stories you tell me about the city. Now i know that the city wall was built in 14th century and it was twice bigger than now, that there is still an old tradition to ring the tower bells to notify farmers that gates close at 22:00. And old gentleman told me that there was a row of a little old houses in front of a windmill, that were remained in the 2nd World war, but were too old to survive to nowadays. I have depicted some birds on the painting: a hunting heron and ugly ducks sleeping under a bush. If you look closer, there is a woman, the owner of a house by the windmill, she stands in her garden in a blue jeans skirt and checks if i paint her house good enough.

By the way, thanks to the nice couple and a lady, history teacher. Didn’t asks your names, shame. It was nice to talk to you, guys.
Info for you: On August 25th, 20.00 Beiaardconcert: Malgosia Fiebig en Jeroenen Sandra van VeenABBA vanaf de DOM at   Pandhof (luisterplaats)
PS. Oil on cotton canvas, 40×60 cm.