Hats are always on my mind!


The reason why i love making sketches and plain-air painting is that behind every drawing there is a story. Story of this sketch is following.

I was at the DME airport, wanting for our delayed flight to depart to Zurich. I actually like to draw people at airports and train stations, they can stay and sit still for at least 10 minutes what is enough to finish a quick sketch. So I noticed this elegant young woman, charging her iPad from a socket. The lady was wearing a light silk skirt, a long pearl rope, with a shopper bag on her shoulder, holding two straw hats. While I was sketching, I observed buddhist monks at the background waiting for their flight.

We finally boarded and my model sat right next to me! I was very pleased to see her, seemed like a glimpse of luck:) The lady turned out a native russian, living in Switzerland and she is a hat maker! Her name is Anastasia and I was fascinated watching the handmade hair accessories that she makes on a little screen of a charger iPad-mini.

Sketches from Chekhov (Moscow region)

Yay! Meet my sister Vika:)

My lovely Maastricht.

I like those huge steep roofs. That building in the centre reminds me a piece of cake.

Medieval Dordrecht.

Reminds me an old charming Venice.

Rainy weather in Culemborg.


Utrecht, Netherlands. 2013.

Triple candlestick at Casa di Jonny. Utrecht, Netherlands. 2013

Archi. 2012.

Berries in Utrecht, Netherlands. 2012.

Utrecht, Netherlands. 2013.