Nikita Khalkin. Prohibited Photography (18+)


I studied in Checkhov, Moscow region, though close to Moscow, far from the zone of experiments and self development. My school friend Nikita was a real nutter, trying to find loose places in a school order. I remember him throwing away his classmate’s backpack from a window to a snowy ground, bringing vodka in a Sprite bottle to a school canteen and  waving with a big red flag of a communist party in a school corridors.

Time passed and this effervescent nature transformed into a passionate photographer.


That is how Nikita describes his art:

‘I’m looking for beauty in the simple things that surround me, even if it’s just a tree, a crack in asphalt or a part of an imperfect human body.

Models that I depict are impersonal. This is to show the outside beauty that every object has. Every body has a spark of sexuality and individuality, these are what I try to discover in a camera finder. My artworks are very direct and unfiltered. The general public of Russia finds this difficult to understand, or maybe, to accept. If a naked body is shown as an art object, people simply refuse to accept such art and that means they don’t accept themselves as they are. My country is known for an undeveloped culture of sexual relations and this brings trouble when I make shots of a kissing women, or a naked male couple.’

Using rare materials of an authentic Polaroid film he is trying to break the Russian mentality in a contemporary photography. Nikita sincerely believes, like every true artist, that the calling from inside can attract art connoisseurs from all over the world.


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