Grand Budapest Hotel – real art or not?

If you have seen the ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, you probably remember that painting ‘Boy With Apple’ was replaced by a modern painting in the Egon Schile style.

 Every time I watch Grand Budapest, my heart stops because It evokes in my mind price for the Schile’s paintings that starts from £800 000. Luckily, it was not the original, but an illustration of Rich Pellegrino created in the same manner as Austrian’s painter.

The painting ‘Boy With Apple’ showed in Grand Budapest is also not the Renaissance treasure, but a modern painting of the English painter Michael Taylor.
  Taylor had always been fascinated by the fingers holding the nipple in “Gabrielle d’Estrées and One of Her Sisters” in the Louvre, so he decided to incorporate it. Knowing this I always smile when look at the painting:)

EdMunro,  who posed for ‘Boy With Apple’ says:

–  I tried on every combination of velvet cloaks, furs, bodices, tights, shoes, codpieces…probably about 50 combinations. One of the bodices had been worn by Cate Blanchett when she played Elizabeth I. The dresser took photos of every outfit. They were sent to Wes Anderson, and he decided the final costume.

Ed now looks like this:
PS I also enjoyed another film of Wes Anderson, in the same fairy realisation and nearly the same team of actors – ‘The life aquatic with Steve Zissou’.

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