Paper is the new wood and some thoughts about Dutch design.

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Actually, paper now is much more than wood, but, for instance, leather too.
Let me explane. When I was walking around Amsterdam, I was very curious about what dutch design actually is. For me now it is very experimental, all about discovering new objects, materials, colours, in combination with simplicity and in a close cooperation with nature.
Here are some examples:
This awesome bath from a Droog shop reminds a half of a Kinder Surprise. Its massive, functional and an absolute eye catcher. The price is 5.495 euro not including wooden logs.

These chairs are made from pressed clothes and tables that are basically big brushes.
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Award winning mirror from Japanese and Italian designers in a concrete frame. The web-shop describes the mirror as following:
‘Inpired by a reflection on a pool of water of the sky at dusk or dawn—the archetypical mirror—has become the basis for this mirror. Hung one way, it reflects dusk, and hung the other, it is dawn’.
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A door bell(!) that consists of two wine glasses. Don’t think it was loud enough.
 This lovely slow glow lamp based on… fat:) As more it burns, as lighter it becomes. There is something philosophical in it.
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Fantastic glass work.
How do you like this ergonomic table-chair? To make it more impressive, I haven’t cropped the price tag 🙂
 Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 22.33.54
More at
  And now a wardrobe made from pressed paper! I honestly couldn’t recognise type of the wood, so I just passed by. Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 18.32.30 copyScreen Shot 2015-01-08 at 18.32.36 copy
What else attracted me, were big brass pendants decorated with pressed paper. At the edge of the pendants there is a carved year of the newspapers that was used for those accessories. Pressed paper is not a marble stone, not a well-known diamond or an emerald. But its so much unique for being framed, not even many people in world have such wooden-brass necklaces.
 IMG_2345 copy
In the same Dutch Design store there were bags, hats and wallets made from (i think) waterproof paper. I can imaging myself wearing such paper hat at the ‘dacha’ and collecting strawberries to a mug.
And what really surprises me, those natural looking hair combs. If you look closer, you may notice that there are lighter and darker wooden stripes, what means that a wood has year circles that consist of summer and winter wood. So to make those combs they deleted a lighter summer wood and left a harder one from winter. Isn’t that fascinating? I bet you need one of those eco-combs:) Your hair will grow faster. Wardrobe on the right is made in the same technique.
More products here:
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Tot volgende keer!
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