Dogs and cats of the medieval art

There were many painters who depicted dogs at their paintings. Some were bad in that, some were very bad.  A dutch artist Emanuel de Witte probably liked dogs that much, so you can see them in every his painting!

Here are five dogs in a church. All dogs painted before this picture was made (1650) are looking like experiments of some US underground laboratories.

Detail. This dog was naughty.

Emanuel de Witte, ‘Interior of the Oude Kerk, Delft’, 1650

Two hundred years was needed to get proper skills on drawing dog-looking dogs. Though, I think its a more lion, than a dog.

Joachim Patinir, ‘Landscape with the penitent Saint Jerome’ 1530/40

Mr Bosch was a king of detailss. Bet this dog knows when the World’s End is.

Hieronymus Bosch, The Conjurer 1475

Rat-looking dog. Maybe this one is the first painting depicting a pet, not a sheep or a cow.

Bartolo di Fredi, ‘The Adoration of the Magi’, 1385-88

Stand firm, buddy! What is he thinking about?

Dosso Dossi, ‘Melissa’ c. 1518/1531


The Judgement of Paris’, Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1636

Dogs riding – very popular entertainment of 16th century.

Hendrick Goltzius, ‘Venus and Adonis’, 1614

Hope that this breed doesn’t exist anymore.

Bartholomaeus Spranger, ‘Venus and Adonis’, between 1595 and 1597

And this one:)

‘The Dream of St. Ursula’,  Vittore Carpaccio, about 1495

And the cat!  Cats were rarely met in the medieval art, then dogs. If you think there is nothing special with this pussy, see the whole painting below.

Be brave. I call it as a ‘Vagina charmer’.

Agostino Carracci, Satyr Mason, 16th century.

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