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My name is Valeriya Nikiforova and I’m an artist. You are very welcome on my website! I have a blog (mostly in Russian) and I post my sketches and paintings here. I lived in Russia but recently I moved to the Netherlands.

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Hats are always on my mind!


The reason why i love making sketches and plain-air painting is that behind every drawing there is a story. Story of this sketch is following.

I was at the DME airport, wanting for our delayed flight to depart to Zurich. I actually like to draw people at airports and train stations, they can stay and sit still for at least 10 minutes what is enough to finish a quick sketch. So I noticed this elegant young woman, charging her iPad from a socket. The lady was wearing a light silk skirt, a long pearl rope, with a shopper bag on her shoulder, holding two straw hats. While I was sketching, I observed buddhist monks at the background waiting for their flight.

We finally boarded and my model sat right next to me! I was very pleased to see her, seemed like a glimpse of luck:) The lady turned out a native russian, living in Switzerland and she is a hat maker! Her name is Anastasia and I was fascinated watching the handmade hair accessories that she makes on a little screen of a charger iPad-mini.

Sketches from Chekhov (Moscow region)

Yay! Meet my sister Vika:)

Women of Moscow, start loving yourself! :)